First Mid-Grade novel

The Mystical Wand of Quinta, my first mid-grade novel, is now available through all the usual channels. The delay in publication was the choosing of a cover.  I had three I liked, done by two people, and finally chose the second drawing by my son, Tom, who has done all of my other covers anyway.  I chose his because it shows best the image of the story in the novel: Darren, a 12 year-old, walking down a long, red-sand lined passageway in the Underworld, where he meets a Vampire, determined to use Darren and his new found mystical wand to escape his perpetual captivity in the tunnels of the “Underworld.”

The Mystical Wand of Quinta: new mid-grade novel

I’ve now finished my mid-grade novel, and it will be available in all the usual places.  Now, it’s on to illustrating my first Children’s Picture Book.  Then it’s back to finishing my fantasy novel, Zompire, The Vampire Wars and my latest mystery novel, The Mystery of the Gilded Eagle.  Busy time, but I still enjoy the writing!

Latest novel, as of 2/2018

I was interrupted during my writing of my latest mystery by my 12 year old grandson who asked me to write a story with him as the main character.  So, mystery put aside, I wrote a mid-grade fantasy novel, The Mystical Wand of Quinta that I’ve sent to Literary Agents for possible representation.  Meanwhile, I have written the text of 5 Children’s Picture Book, and am now illustrating the first, George, The Puppy Who Refused To Go For A Walk.  Should be finishing the illustrations soon, and then, it’s off to find an agent, or publisher for it.  I would really like to get these books professionally published (as opposed to self-publishing, as I have with my other novels) so there will be a greater distribution, and more children will have access to enjoy the books.  As I like to say: “Hope springs eternal.”  Once illustrating is finished, it’s back to my mystery novel and then the sequel to my vampire/zompire love story.

Stories etc.

Still awaiting first submission from latest artist, attempting my Children’s Book Story.  Also awaiting to hear from Literary Agent.  Ran into the parents of a woman who presents text stories to her employers who try to find an artist for them to present to publisher. Sounds like another Literary Agent.  So, we’ll see after we connect, and after the drawing from awaiting artist to see if I’m satisfied with his drawings.  Meanwhile, I continue to write, another Children’s Picture book text, a mid-grade children’s book, and two novels.  Last time I try multiple books at once.  Easy to keep separated in my mind, but progress is slow on all, since writing time is shared by all.

Permission to use “Puppy Olympics”

Today, I received permission from “The Hungry Puppy” to use their “Puppy Olympics” title for use in my Children’s Picture Book, Chewie, The Puppy Who Liked to Jump.  I thank them very much.  I have also have contacted an artist who is going to draw one of my other Puppy books to see if her vision meets my expectation.  I certainly hope it does!  Still awaiting decision about representation by a Literary Agent.  As I love to say, “Hope Springs Eternal.”

In any case, I continue to write Vampire Wars, the follow-up to my Zompire novel, and a new Mystery novel, The Mystery of the Gilded Eagle, staring Jackie Kant, one of the characters from Not Privileged to Know.  I’d like one of these novels finished by next June, so I can self-publish it for sale/presentation at FuMPfest 2018 in Chicago, scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend 2018.

Short Stories: one leads to a Mid-Grade book

I have recently written the text to 5 Children’s Picture Books (artwork needs to be done by someone who can draw…I can’t).  Anyway, upon hearing this, my 12 year old grandson asked me to write a story with him as the central character.  I immediately went home and wrote, “Fetch,” a short story wherein my grandson is a wizard, but is unaware of it, but discovers it as the story unfolds.  I like the story so much that I intend to turn it into a Mid-Grade book.  Thanks, Darren for the inspiration!

Children’s Picture Book

I’ve just completed a children’s picture book for children up to age 5. It has to do with the training of a new puppy. I can’t do the needed drawings. I am considering sending this to a traditional publisher who will use their in-house artists, if they accept it for publication. This is my second picture book. I wrote one 2 years ago, and an artist agreed to do it (on a after sale commission; no money up front, as many artists require). The artist has not completed the work, and I’m not sure he even began any drawings. When I offered him the job, I promised him I would not press him for completion. I recently asked if he still wanted to do the work, and he insisted he did. I don’t know what to do now, except, if my new one is accepted, “pressure” him by telling him of my success, and asking him to finish the project. Problems with this approach, as told to me by other authors, is that he may do a few great drawings to satisfy my rushing him, and then the quality of his work may deteriorate, something I simply could not stand. I’ve met a few professional artists, but they require over $4,000 up from for the 23 drawings in my book. I can’t afford this.  Will keep you updated.

Need to Know–Update & news

I pulled Need to Know down from the internet because a reader found a few important mistakes that needed correction.  It should be back up in a few days.

I just completed a new children’s graphic novel, George, the Dog Who Refused to Go for a Walk.  Looking for an artist now, and a traditional publisher.  Will keep you updated.

I am currently working on a new mystery novel, and the second in the Zompire trilogy.  One should be out early next year.

Graphic Novel

Last week I attended a seminar on making a photo book. It wasn’t for me, but an idea formed in my mind. I’m going to write Generation Z, Birth of the Zompire, as a Graphic Novel. I may need an artist to work with me, because I’m not sure my artistic ability is professional enough. It should be fun, creating the text to follow the novel, maybe draw stick figures (first time around), and finally seeing my novel in its Graphic Novel form.

Hawk’s Nest Beach 2017

Home from FuMPfest 2017. Had a great time. Now selling my novels, especially Need to Know at Garvin’s Store at Hawk’s Nest Beach in Old Lyme, CT where we spend much of summer. It’s fun to get recognized as the “local beach author” by renters in the area. Now to concentrate on writing the final in the “Need” trilogy, and start my next Zompire novel.