Coal for Santa

I have just published my Children’s Picture Book for the Christmas Holiday entitled, Coal For Santa Claus. The story concerns two children who decide to send Santa a piece of coal to keep him warm in the cold winter at the North Pole. Of course, Santa is delighted and gives the children something special in their Christmas stockings.

I began thinking of the story after a fellow Christmas shopper who was overwhelmed with shopping said to me, “I’d like to give Santa a piece of coal.” I immediately commented, “What a great title for a Children’s book. I asked her permission to use the title, and she said, “yes.” Well, this is the result years later.

Although published on December 19, 2020, I won’t “advertise” this book until just before Christmas 2021. However, it is available in my store and on Amazon for those of you who might want a copy before then. Enjoy

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