Heaven’s Conflict

Publication date: October 1, 2014

Soon after being created, Lucifer becomes jealous of God’s power and authority.  He then plots to seize God’s Throne.  God assigns the other Archangels to convince Lucifer of his folly, and return him to His Grace.  There follows verbal jousting between formidable Archangels.  Lucifer, seething with evil and desiring to do the seemingly impossible, to destroy God, refuses to repent, however, and forms an army of rebellious Angels.  God then commands the Archangel Michael to lead Heaven’s Angels against Lucifer’s demon army.  The stage is thus set for the most significant confrontation ever with the sovereignty of God’s Throne at stake.


Happy the man who follows not
the counsel of the wicked
Nor walks in the way of sinners,
nor sits in the company of the insolent,
But delights in the law of the Lord
And meditates on His law day and night.
Psalm 1



With a grimace, Lucifer strutted across the battlefield until face-to-face with Michael. Lucifer glared at his fellow Archangel, sputtering as he spoke. “Is that what this represents to you, a personal battle between Michael, the Good Archangel of God, and the Evil Lucifer, former Archangel, now the damned demon, Satan?”
Michael didn’t flinch, nor divert his eyes as he answered without hesitation. “No, not personal. What you’re trying to do here is evil, and my forces…the forces of God…are here to stop you. It’s not personal. Call it whatever you wish. It’s still Good versus Evil, and, if that means me against you, so be it.”
Lucifer screeched as he lunged at Michael…


This day would prove unlike any other in this universe’s three hundred trillion year history. There would be no more tomorrows, no golden sunrises or crimson sunsets, no new galaxies, or signs of life. There would only be extinction, and for its Creator, unprecedented challenges.
Now, as the concerned Father, that Creator, Almighty God, shimmered into existence at the outer edge of the universe to ease its transition into oblivion. With His apparition brighter than any supernova, He hovered with His arms folded across His chest, a scowl creasing His forehead. He scanned His handiwork with mournful eyes. He had participated in the rich history of this universe from the beginning, guiding it, and intervening when necessary, but that relationship would exist no longer.
With a deep sigh, He embraced the universe. The outer galaxies tickled His palms, causing His frown to transform into a diminutive smile. His touch remained tender, as if embracing a beloved relative.
Without a sound, the accelerating expansion that had characterized the universe ceased as it nuzzled into God’s loving embrace. It hung for a few long moments, and then began a rapid and relentless fall inward toward the gigantic black hole that occupied its exact center. The collapse, which began slowly, increased in speed exponentially until even the black hole itself collapsed into a singularity, a pinpoint-sized piece of super-compressed matter and energy.
God extended His right hand, nestling the super-heavy singularity in His palm before allowing it to blink out of existence. He grinned, satisfied with the end result of this universe’s life, and instantly pictured His next, and most daring universe.
That universe will be different, its inhabitants closer to Me than any other. Nurturing that relationship will be both demanding and stimulating, and it will impart unparalleled danger to all involved. It will be worth it. All My creations are.
God closed His eyes, and materialized before the tall, luminous Gates of Heaven. His gaze drifted upward to the Flame atop one of the pillars anchoring the Gates. It had become larger and brighter at His appearance, brilliantly bathing the surrounding area in a warm glow. God paused, and bowed His head.
From a perch atop the opposite pillar, a Dove had watched God’s appearance with interest, twisting its head from side to side as God approached. “Coo, Coo, Coo.”
The white Dove had a faint bluish crown, and a small area of pink on its breast. As God approached, the Dove spread its wings. Beams of light, as bright as the light from the Flame, burst from its chest, illuminating the ground. As God entered the beams, the right half of the column turned crimson. The left remained white. Above the Dove’s head burst white rays that radiated out in all directions. It flapped its wings three times, and then folded them against its body. In an instant, all the rays vanished.
God waved. “We are expecting the arrival of many souls. Most will join Our family in Heaven. We must welcome them joyfully.”
The Dove cooed several times, and then stared into the distance.
As God advanced, He waved again. The Gates swung inward. He stepped through, and froze. Something feels different, wrong. He scanned the Courtyard. Nothing. I didn’t detect anything on My approach. The Gates functioned normally. Nothing seems out of place or malfunctioning anywhere in Heaven. So, what could it be?
God stretched his senses to the area beyond the Courtyard where His beloved, purified souls dwelled. Their deep, and unrelenting love for Him, exceeded only by His love for them, flooded back to Him, enveloping Him with its accustomed warmth. He smiled, remembering His frequent visits, and their loving embraces. Everything’s fine there too. So, where is the problem? He looked at the Dove. “Any idea what’s happening?”
The Dove glanced in all directions, but also couldn’t locate the trouble. It then launched into the air, circling the Courtyard once, its wings whistling in flight, its eyes searching for anything untoward. God’s gaze followed the bird’s smooth passage. Upon its return to its perch, it shook its head. “Coo, coo, coo.”
“I don’t see or hear anything either. Something feels…well, funny. I’ve only felt this way once before…when I originally created Heaven as both a paradise and a Home for Us.” A shiver spread through God’s normally warm body. “Look at the Flame. It’s noticed it too. It’s almost out. Do you feel it?”
“Coo, coo”
“I agree. If We all detect it, but can’t identify the cause, it must be coming from Heaven itself. Something must need adjustment. Wait for the approaching souls. We’ll decide their fate later. Hold them here while I determine what’s causing this feeling.”
The Dove returned its concentration to the approaching souls, now a bright haze in the far distance, but continued to search the area for unusual activity with sideward glances. It spotted none. “Coo, coo.”
God nodded. “Fine. I’ll be in the Throne Room.”
As He marched through the Courtyard, God again felt discomforted. This time, His skin tingled and itched. He rubbed his arm. The feeling persisted. His ears started ringing. He shook His head. The ringing grew louder. He halted, listening intently. The ringing continued. He closed his eyes. “If all is well in Heaven, what am I sensing, and, more importantly, why?” His eyes snapped open as He spun around to again face the Dove and Flame. “Of course, that’s it. I’ve got it. I know what Heaven is proposing, and I think it’s a great idea.”
The tingling and ringing disappeared as rapidly as they had appeared.
The Dove returned its attention to God. “Coo?”
“It’s simple. What’s missing in Heaven is music and singing, not entertainment, mind you, but pure devotional music. Sure, the souls are praying at all times, but those prayers would be elevated to an even higher level of adoration and supplication through the addition of music. They would become hymns of praise worthy of any Heavenly being. The addition of music and song will add a new dimension of beauty to Heaven. It’s a brilliant concept.”
God strolled across the rest of the Courtyard sporting a broad smile. As He approached the gold door to His Throne Room, He waved his arm. The door swung inward. Before entering, God paused, and turned once more toward the Dove and Flame. “Maybe it is time for the Angels we’ve been discussing to join us. They could help with the music in addition to their other duties.”
The Dove lowered its head a small, but appreciable amount. “Coo, coo, coo.”
“True, but I believe the benefits to all far outweigh those problems.” He took a deep breath, and then blew it out forcibly. “Of course, major sacrifices will have to be made along the way to achieve our goals.”
The Dove shook its head several times, tears from its clenched eyes billowing far into the air. “Coo.”
God took another deep breath. “Yes, but we must give it a try. Maybe love, comradeship and compassion will make a difference.”
“Coo, coo.”
God lowered His voice. “Yes, I understand. Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is inevitable, but inevitable or not, We can only deal with the situation as it develops. The Angels, both good and bad, will be the first step toward Our glorious finale. We must all serve Our parts.” A tear emerged from God’s partially closed eye, and dropped through the air in slow motion. It dissipated before hitting the ground.
The Dove stared at God, and then tilted its head. In a firm, loud cry, it sang, “Coooo.”
God smiled. “Love to You too,” He watched as the Dove took to flight to meet the incoming souls.
The Dove sailed into the distance amid its disquieting song. “Coo, coo, coo.”

God turned, and entered His Throne Room. He ascended the stairs, and sat unmoving, His elderly face pensive. With a wave of His left hand, He closed both the Gates of Heaven and the door to His Throne Room, each locking with a distinctive ‘click.’
God gripped the arms of His Throne. He realized His Home would never be the same again. The addition of Angels and hymns would elevate Heaven to new heights of splendor and achievement. It would become a much more elegant place to share with the souls that He planned to garner and purify from within the physical confines of His next creation, the universe containing the planet Earth. However, along with these new creations would come something He had been able to avoid up to now, Evil. After a brief consideration, He decided, as the Dove had said, the resulting circumstances were inevitable. He had really known this for eons, but knew that the right time, the right universe, and the right species to expend His energy, sacrifice, and love upon had finally arrived.
“My will be done.”

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