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I consider myself a storyteller first, even above the physician I was trained to be.  I have been writing my entire life, although the stories I wrote as a child and youth in high school have long been lost to household moves and attrition.  As a physician, I had little time to write fiction, and most of my writing centered on medical research conducted by my partner and myself.  Once I retired from practice due to illness and became an independent consierge physician for a group of selected patients, I went back to writing stories, and what you see on these pages are the results of that effort.

I must be descended from a long line of cavemen who sat around a campfire (built by some other member of the tribe, of course), telling tales of the animals my ancestors hunted, and all the adventures (probably  invented by my relatives) that occurred in those hunts.  In other words, my ancestors were all fiction authors…liars, really, since these adventures and mythical creatures were simply that: mythical, invented in their minds, and designed to evoke the most emotion in their listeners

So, what does that make me?  Answer: the modern novelist who asks “What if,” and then answers with a fantastic and entertaining story.  I sincerely hope my stories please and entertain you, maybe take you away from the reality of today’s problems for a short period of time, and are inspirational in other ways to your life.

Along those same lines, I am a deeply religious man, and feel that any talent I may have, both as a physician and storyteller, came from God.  Therefore, I think it important to donate a portion of my royalty profits to charity.  The amount and the charities will vary from story to story, depending on the subject matter and/or the inspiration behind the story.  For my first few novels, donations will be as follows: Generation “Z” Birth of the Zompire: 10 % will be donated since the Holy objects and belief in God have so much to do with the story and resolution of the problems involving vampires, zombies and zompires.

Heaven’s Conflict, The Rise and Fall of Angels, my second fantasy novel to be published soon: ninety percent (90%) will be donated.  Ten percent will be used to cover “overhead,” related to publishing and advertising costs for the novel.

I want to thank you in advance for any purchases of my works, and for the contribution you will be making to my chosen charities.  I look forward to hearing from you, both how much you enjoy my writing style and story lines, and how you think I can improve future stories.  If you enjoy my novels, tell your Facebook friends and tweet about it.  Please feel free to post any complimentary words in my blog also.  May God bless and protect you.    Bill Rockwell

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