Latest novel, as of 2/2018

I was interrupted during my writing of my latest mystery by my 12 year old grandson who asked me to write a story with him as the main character.  So, mystery put aside, I wrote a mid-grade fantasy novel, The Mystical Wand of Quinta that I’ve sent to Literary Agents for possible representation.  Meanwhile, I have written the text of 5 Children’s Picture Book, and am now illustrating the first, George, The Puppy Who Refused To Go For A Walk.  Should be finishing the illustrations soon, and then, it’s off to find an agent, or publisher for it.  I would really like to get these books professionally published (as opposed to self-publishing, as I have with my other novels) so there will be a greater distribution, and more children will have access to enjoy the books.  As I like to say: “Hope springs eternal.”  Once illustrating is finished, it’s back to my mystery novel and then the sequel to my vampire/zompire love story.