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A question arose at yesterday’s writer’s conference: Where did the inspiration for my novel originate?  A difficult question, but I’ll try to answer it before each of my novels is published.  For my Romance-Horror cross genre novel, Generation “Z” Birth of the Zompire due out next  month (hopefully), I was watching a zombie movie and wondered “What if” a zombie bit a victim of a vampire soon after this attack.  I wondered why the zombies didn’t entirely consume him (especially  his brain), how he would differ from both attacking fiends, and what his conversion to the “Zompire” would do to his romantic relationship with his girlfriend.  The answers developed into the story.

July 13, 2020: having trouble with my blog entries.  I apologize.  Below is today’s, written after I placed a request for a lead to a good Literary Agent.  If you have one, email me at:  Thank you all for understanding.  I guess I’m more Computer Illiterate than I first thought.  Will ask my son how to correct. END

New Post: No one has contacted me with a Literary Agent lead, except for one author who had to blow through 5 agents before getting one to suit her. Hopefully, that won’t happen to me. I should be able to finish my final edit today (after my 3 editors’ corrections), and then, I’ll submit an exclusive to an agent in Connecticut. Keep your fingers crossed.

My next project will be another Mid-Grade Horror (Vampire) story because my granddaughter has asked to be in one of my novels. Hope she likes it.

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