Children’s Picture Book

I’ve just completed a children’s picture book for children up to age 5. It has to do with the training of a new puppy. I can’t do the needed drawings. I am considering sending this to a traditional publisher who will use their in-house artists, if they accept it for publication. This is my second picture book. I wrote one 2 years ago, and an artist agreed to do it (on a after sale commission; no money up front, as many artists require). The artist has not completed the work, and I’m not sure he even began any drawings. When I offered him the job, I promised him I would not press him for completion. I recently asked if he still wanted to do the work, and he insisted he did. I don’t know what to do now, except, if my new one is accepted, “pressure” him by telling him of my success, and asking him to finish the project. Problems with this approach, as told to me by other authors, is that he may do a few great drawings to satisfy my rushing him, and then the quality of his work may deteriorate, something I simply could not stand. I’ve met a few professional artists, but they require over $4,000 up from for the 23 drawings in my book. I can’t afford this.  Will keep you updated.