Blog July 13, 2020

No one has contacted me with a Literary Agent lead, except for one author who had to blow through 5 agents before getting one to suit her. Hopefully, that won’t happen to me. I should be able to finish my final edit today (after my 3 editors’ corrections), and then, I’ll submit an exclusive to an agent in Connecticut. Keep your fingers crossed.

My next project will be another Mid-Grade Horror (Vampire) story because my granddaughter has asked to be in one of my novels. Hope she likes it.

Another rejection just came in (7/17). I think I know what’s wrong (and what’s right) with my writing. I’m going to fix the Zompire novel I’m now working on to improve it. Don’t know whether I’ll try another agent, or self-publish. Will keep you appraised. I also withdrew my short story, Fetch, from the Mysterion competition, “fixed” it, and resubmitted it. Shouldn’t hear for another 3 months from now. I sincerely want to try my new writing idea on a new mystery. My new mid-grade novel (YA really) novel may have to wait. I’ll keep you readers informed.