Current Novel

I have spent Quarantining writing my next Zompire novel and Children’s Picture Books. Zompire, Vampire War should be completed soon. It’s in the editing and final approval stage by my editors…and me. My next book is planned (and started already) to be the second in my Quinta, vampire YA book. I have to write this, as my Granddaughter has asked to be in the next Quinta novel (She refused my invitation to be in the first, The Mystical Wand Of Quinta. After reading it, she’s insistent I put her into it! So be it.) After that, I plan to write the third in my “Know” series, entitled In The Know that so many of you have been asking for.

Since I’ve written seven adult novels so far, (and three Children’s Picture Books), I’m now going to try to get a legitimate publisher to look at my adult work, and maybe take me on. Failing this, I may try a Literary Agent, although I have some reservations about this, since friends have had problems with such agents, and have worked through four or five. Any one of my readers who may know someone who may be able to help me get to readers across the country (rather than only locally and at various conventions where many of us have met) and worldwide, please email me: