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    • Bill Rockwell says:

      Hi, Keysha, I finished the novel that you appear in. It’s entitled, “Need to Know” Subtitled: “Privileged Information.” I’d love to get a copy to you. Although the book is not that expensive on my website and Amazon, I still would love to send you a copy. I need your physical address if you would like a paper copy. If you prefer an e-book, I can email this to you. I need your contact address either way. My Author email address is: billrockwell203@gmail.com, and as soon as you provide your address, I’ll send the book, autographed if paper, of course. Also, the first edition had some minor spelling errors, picked up by my first reader, and I have hand corrected these in this edition. I corrected the master file, so anyone who orders from my website or Amazon will get a clean copy. Also, the book I put you in is the second of a trilogy. You can read it as a “stand alone” book, since I summarize what happened in the first, “Not Privileged to Know.” If you prefer reading this one first, I’ll send a copy of that one too. Let me know, either way. I like your character, so, I didn’t put your “bubbly” outgoing personality in her yet, but I want to continue to have her appear, and show your enthusiasm, not only in the third volume, but even in my next book, already started, entitled “The Mystery of the Gilded Eagle,” subtitled, “A Jackie Kant Mystery.” Finally, review anything of mine you read on Amazon & GoodReads.com, and anywhere else you can. If reviewing one of the free copies, you must add something like, “I received a free copy of the book for my honest review.” Tell all your family and friends that you’re in my novels, will continue to be, and tell all your social media friends, as well as coworkers. I need readers and reviews/reviewers. Thanks again for the use of your name/character. Let me hear from you soon. Bill Rockwell aka William J. Rockwell MD

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